Ring Sling Instructions

1. Take the Material at the bottom center of the sling.

2. Pull the material through both rings until the bottom corners have come through the rings.

3. Separate the rings and pull the material through the second ring.

4. Make sure the material is not bunched, but even between the rings.  And make sure the top and bottom edges are free for adjustments.

5. Put sling over your head and one arm so the shoulder pad is resting on your dominant shoulder.  The rings should be just off your shoulder.

6. Place baby in the sling (tummy to tummy) to where their bottom is in the deepest part of the pouch (ensure the baby's face si uncovered either by your body or the sling and their chin is not on their chest to ensure a clear airway).

7. Adjust the sling to where the baby is tight against you.  And pull the top fabric up to the baby's shoulders.

8. Spread the material on your back and shoulders for maximum comfort for you.

How To Remove Your Child From Sling

1. Support the child's bottom with your non- dominant hand.

2. Pull the bottom ring up to loosen the fabric.

3. Lift the child out of the sling by their underarms.

Hip Carry Instructions For Toddlers

1. Follow basic instructions steps 1-5 (above).

2. Place the pouch side of the sling on your opposite shoulder.

3. Hold your child on your hip.

4. Pull the pouch over your child's head and the wearers shoulder and secure the fabric under the child's bottom.

5. Ensure the child's bottom is in the deepest part of the sling and the fabric is under their legs to the back of their knees (like they are sitting in a chair).

6. Adjust the sling to where the child is tight and secure.

7. Spread the material on your back and shoulders for maximum comfort for you.

Care Instructions

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low or hang dry (to avoid a noisy dryer).  Always check for ripped seams or tears prior to each use.


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